Electricity plays a critical role in many of the processes completed in your production facility.

In order to ensure that welding equipment and generators are receiving an adequate supply of electricity at all times, it's vital that you take the time to measure the electrical currents running through these pieces of equipment on a regular basis. Too little electricity could compromise performance, while too much electricity could cause your equipment to burn out prematurely.

Here are three reasons why you should opt for a Rogowski coil when measuring AC currents in the future.

1. A Rogowski coil is versatile.

In order to gain an accurate reading of the AC voltage moving through any piece of electrical equipment at a given time, you must be able to attach your measuring device securely. This can pose a challenge if your machinery is difficult to access.

By making the choice to utilize a Rogowski coil to take electrical measurements, you can take advantage of the versatility these measuring devices provide. A Rogowski coil can easily be wrapped around a live conductor without the threat of disturbing the conductor because these types of coils are not closed loops. This feature will make it easier to measure electrical currents within your production facility in the future.

2. A Rogowski coil can provide extremely accurate measurements.

When you are testing your electrical equipment, you want to receive accurate readings for the electrical currents passing through the equipment at a given time. These readings help you determine if repairs need to be made in order to maximize performance.

The accuracy of your measuring device is crucial, and a Rogowski coil can be very accurate. These coils have low inductance qualities, which makes them able to measure changes in a current within seconds.

3. A Rogowski coil can measure different types of currents.

Having a single measuring device that can gauge different types of electrical currents can be beneficial. When you opt to utilize a Rogowski coil for your electrical measurements, you gain access to a piece of equipment with no iron core.

This design makes it possible for the coil to remain linear whether it is subjected to the larger electrical currents utilized in welding or transmission applications, or smaller reference currents within your electrical machinery.

Once you are able to see the benefits that a Rogowski coil can provide, it becomes easy to see why you should utilize these coils for your electrical current measurement needs in the future.