If you own a plant that has a lot of heavy machinery in it, you likely understand how important it is to mount the equipment on casters. Casters are small wheels which make it easy to move your items in case of an emergency. Just imagine how difficult it would be to move a huge piece of manufacturing equipment if a fire occurred. It would be nearly impossible without casters. However, as beneficial as a single-wheeled caster is, a dual-wheeled model is even better. Listed below are a few of the reasons why you should opt for the dual-wheeled model when picking out your casters.

Dual-Wheeled Casters Can Take The Weight

Because industrial machinery can be so heavy, it's going to take a strong caster to bear the load. When it comes to handling large amounts of weight, a single-wheeled caster is no match when compared to the dual-wheeled version.

A good example of this can be found by looking at your own body. If you only had one leg there's a good chance that your upper body would be such a burden that you would frequently fall over. Having two legs gives you a solid support system that can hold up your head, chest and torso.

The same principle holds true for dual-wheeled casters. You'll be able to support equipment that would ordinarily be too much for single-wheeled casters to take on. The weight is spread across two wheels instead of one, so it's easier to handle.

Dual-Wheeled Casters Make Moving A Breeze

Moving a piece of equipment that sits on single-wheeled casters can sometimes be very tough. Single wheels have a tendency to get stuck more frequently when you're trying to move an item. What should have only taken a few moments can end up being extremely time-consuming.

You want to invest in casters that improve the ergonomics of the situation. Dual-wheeled casters can move back and forth and swivel on a dime. They are much easier to maneuver, especially when you're in a pinch and need to get your machinery to a different spot in a hurry. 

Dual-wheeled casters can be adjusted to different heights depending on who is using the equipment and where it's going to be placed. You will find that they are very convenient and make it easy to rearrange your plant. Choose dual-wheeled casters from the very beginning. They are an incredibly worthwhile investment.