Having a grill in your restaurant expands the variety of meals you can offer people who visit your facility. Although the grill and associated utensils may serve your purposes just fine, here are three accessories that may improve the quality of food you serve and/or better your operation in other ways.

Floor Protector

Grilling isn't always a clean and organized affair. In fact, it's highly likely you'll make a mess at the grilling station, especially if you're making a lot of food every night. Because of this, the first thing you should purchase after getting your grill is a floor protector.

This is essentially a mat that's designed to sit under the grill and catch oil, grease, spills, and drips. Using a mat like this can protect your floor as well as increase your employees' productivity since all they would have to clean is the mat. Additionally, these mats tend to be fire-resistant, which can prevent an unfortunate fire from breaking out and destroying your hard work.

Bacon Cooker

Bacon is a fan favorite, and adding it to your dishes is sure to please clients. However, bacon can be tricky to make, especially since it produces quite a bit of grease. One tool that can help you fry up tasty bacon while minimizing mess is a bacon cooker.

This kitchen device has a rack for the bacon and a tray underneath to catch drippings. The design promotes convection cooking that produces crispy bacon with minimal mess and fuss. In addition to helping you save time by letting you cook bacon on the grill—thus eliminating the need to dirty up another stove unnecessarily—clean up is easy since all you have to do is discard the fat and wash the drip tray.

Grill Lights

If you have your grill set up outside, another must-have accessory is grill lights. These lights typically attach to the grill using magnets and provide illumination when and where you need it. For instance, some grill lights can be placed on metal spatulas, so you can see what the meat actually looks like when you flip it over rather than requiring you to guess.

Other lights can be placed on the hood, while others are designed to be attached to handles or rails. This makes them a great option for times when you may not have enough ambient light to see what you're doing.

For more recommendations on grill accessories to buy, contact a local kitchen supply company, like Hephaestus BBQ.